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Château Burgozone is one of the few Bulgarian wineries located in immediate proximity to their own vineyards. It is perched on the very bank of the Danube River, over the picturesque island of Esperanto, it bears the name and the spirit of the Roman fortress which was situated on the border of the vineyard complex and provided protection to the Roman Empire from the North. It is located in the vicinity of the town of Oryahovo on loess soils, with geographic coordinates similar to those of Tuscany, Côtes du Rhône and Bordeaux, with as ideal ecological conditions as those world-famous European wine producing regions.

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Within the territory of the vineyard there were remains from the ancient Roman Fortress of Burgozone. The wines and wine complex have been named after it. A lot of parts from ceramic objects, dug out during the planting and growing of the wines can be seen at the local Museum of history.

The fortress has been situated on the ancient Roman road Via Istrum, which has connected Constantinople with Belgrade and has defended the Northern borders of the Roman Empire. Material proofs found here such as remains from jars and other ceramic pottery, connected with wine growing and wine making, date back to that particular period. This ancient tradition has had thousands of years of history here and together with active commerce along the river it has become the basis for the wealth and prosperity of the town of Oryahovo in the past.

In 2002 started the project for reviving of the traditional for this area wine making, which has been suspended during the prohibition in the 80s in the Soviet Union, imposed by Gorbachov. For this purpose a unique terroir of 150 ha has been selected at the southern bank of the Danube river, close to the port of Oryahovo over Esperanto island. During the centurieshere it has given the best grape in the region. Apart from the own single vineyard, the complex includes a boutique cellar with the most modern equipment.

The first results are more than encouraging – Chateau Burgozone Chardonnay, produced here, made history by winning in 2010 the first for Bulgaria Great Gold Medal at ConcoursMondial de Bruxelles.


The vineyards of Chateau Burgozone are situated over an area of 100 hectares, on a terroir with unique conditions for vine growing, on the steep slope of the Southern bank of the Danube River, near the town of Oryahovo in Bulgaria. Its altitude varies from 130 m. to 180 m. above sea level and its geographic coordinates are longitude 24° E and latitude 43, 43° N.

We have carefully selected 29 branches from 11 varieties on 8 different root-stocks of the highest quality French planting material. The supporting construction of the vineyard is entirely environmentally friendly- from peeled acacia branches impregnated with copper sulphate pentahydrate solution. Wide space between the rows allows for modern mechanized vine growing. The fight against weeds is manual so that the soil is not polluted with herbicides.

Carbonate black soil on top of powerful loess which is characterized with loose content, very good porosity of the soil, good water permeability and high capillary increase of groundwater. Such characteristics provide excellent conditions for grape growing for the production of high- quality white and red wines.

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As implied by its name, our cellar is a type of a chateau, i.e. it is located on the territory of the vineyards. This, from the point of view of winemaking, is undeniably an advantage, as the timely processing of the grapes, immediately after its picking up in practice does not allow variation in its characteristics and composition. The building itself, which is an original architectural blend of wine cellar and boutique hotel was designed and built on a steep southern slope above the river Danube, as the cellar premises for wine storage at optimum temperature are situated on two floors below ground. An important feature is that ‘Chateau Burgozone’ receives and processes only grapes from its own vineyards, which is the best guarantee of origin and high quality of the raw material.

The capacity of the wine cellar is 650,000 kg grapes a year. The processing of the grapes is done with modern machinery and equipment, manufactured by the best in the industry Italian, French, German and Bulgarian companies. Among them are grape crushers, various types of conveyors and pumps, Tube in Tube heat exchangers that lower the temperature of the grapes before they lose their mechanical integrity. The latter is of particular importance for the white grape varieties, as only this way the maximum freshness and fruitiness of the grape must can be preserved. In addition, we have a large five-ton pneumatic press with automatic adjustment of the modes of operation. This type of press has the gentlest influence on the grape grains, thus producing perfect quality in an appropriate output. The fermentation in our cellar takes place in new vessels of stainless steel, allowing different ways of conduct and control of the processes depending on the technological tasks. The red grape pulp can ferment in different ways, such as the classic method of perfusing or mechanical immersion of the lid of the fermenter that gives us the opportunity to achieve variability and wines with different organoleptic characteristics. The permanent control of the temperature of the fermentation process is accomplished with the high-tech cooling system, which automatically maintains the desired and the pre-set by the technologist temperature for each fermenter separately. The treatment and the stabilisation of our wines is done with the aid of the most modern facilities. Recognizable among them are: kieselguhr filter for laying, charge filter, rotary vacuum filter specially designed for filtering of dense suspensions. We also use a membrane filter for sterile filtration of the finished wines and ultra-coolant used to achieve the physical stability of the product in the most modern methods. The aging of the wine is made in vessels in a variety of volumes from 2 to 15 tonnes and in oak barrels, which allows the production of boutique wines of the highest quality. A line for cold, sterile filling is used for bottling, which provides absolute asepsis of the process with productivity of about 1600 bottles per hour. The additional connection to a source of an inert gas completely excludes the risk of oxidation of the wine at the time of its automatic pouring in bottles. Our bottling line allows a great variability regarding the types of packaging, namely: volume of the bottles of 0,185 to 1.5l, way of closure – with cork, synthetic cork or screw cap, PVC, polylaminate or tin capsules; one, two or three different labels on the bottle, etc.